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About Amateur (Ham) Radio!

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About Amateur (Ham) Radio!

Amateur Radio, commonly known as 'Ham Radio', is a unique and fascinating hobby that captivates millions of people around the world. It appeals to all types of people from the person in the street to the famous, the young and the old alike. The hobby is hugely varied from people tinkering with old valve radios and crystal sets through to those talking to the International space station.

The hobby is enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world (as of 2004 about 3 million worldwide, 60,000 in UK, 70,000 in Germany, 5,000 in Norway, 57,000 in Canada, and 700,000 in the USA).

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    What is Amateur Radio (Ham)?
    Find out the history of Amateur Radio, who does it, and what does the future hold?

    How do I get into Ham Radio?
    For the new enthusiasts, this section is here to help you find a training course and understand the different licences associated with HAM radio:- Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.

    How to Setup your own Ham radio station
    Get your feet off the ground and set-up your own station. We have articles guiding you on purchasing a transceiver and matching antenna through to information on propagation, morse code and more.

    HF Contesting
    Taking part in an amateur radio contest on the HF bands means you are taking part in a competitive sport with thousands of like minded people around the globe, from the comfort of your own home. It is a test of your operating abilities, your knowledge of propagation, and the efficiency of your station. Most of all it’s great fun.

    Other Radio
    Find out about PMR446 Licence Free Radio, CB Radio and Scanning.

    Ham Technical Features
    Browse our collection of technical features available to download, courtesy of Practical Wireless Magazine

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